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With over 30 years of experience in custom wood framing and exterior packages, Northridge Construction Corp. has become a regional leader for single and multi-family residential projects. Wood framing carpentry is provided as either a turnkey or labor only service.

For turnkey engagements, Northridge provides everything from quality materials and equipment to qualified supervisors and field personnel. Their experience shines when it comes to efficient management of all resources - manpower, equipment, materials, and coordinating with other trades. Whether turnkey or labor only, the commitment to the goal never waivers - maximize efficiency, to save you both time and money.

Decades of experience have yielded a highly skilled and loyal workforce. When coupled together - the output represents superior work. Further, this experience means the team is well equipped for troubleshooting, should the need arise. Northridge Construction has completed tens of thousands of wood framing projects, from large multi-family units, to smaller projects, across Long Island and vicinity.

With this extensive portfolio of completed wood framing projects and a talented, quality-first team that efficiently manages all resources - partnering with Northridge is the difference between getting your wood framing job done, and getting your wood framing job done right.

Contact Northridge now to discuss your next project.

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